A 100% New York State Straight Rye Whiskey produced from local Canajoharie grains. A high rye mash bill of 80% rye and 20% corn, this straight whiskey is placed in 50% new charred oak barrels and 50% in our used bourbon barrels (of various sizes). After one year, it is then blended and placed in New York State Cabernet barrels for at least one more year of finish aging. A textbook rye with strong notes of black pepper, caraway, and pumpernickel on the front end, it finishes very softly with a round almost sweet edge from the wine induced aging. Finish notes of dark rye bread and pumpernickel speak to a robust yet richly textured rye whiskey. Finished at cask strength (102 proof) this distinctive rye is incredibly complex and uniquely different.

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