The vineyards used for this wine have a continental climate influenced by the Atlantic ocean in winter, causing a cold and dry typical North-western wind known in the region as “Cierzo”, and by the Mediterranean in the summer. The grapes come from the best pagos planted with the oldest Garnacha vines. The vineyards used for this wine, 15-25 years old, are located in the areas known as Pozos de Mata and Aliagares at an altitude of 400—500 meters above sea level. Yields are 1.5—2 Kg per vine. The soil that prevails is brown-calcareous and terraced with medium levels of stones, giving good drainage and fair levels of organic matter, rich in nutrients. On the other hand, next to the Moncayo mountains, the soil is clay-ferrous and much more stony. In general, this peculiar soil and climate give this wines a special character.

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